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A dozen cheated on-line MBA college students pay Temple's superb for dishonest on MBA college students

The Fox School of Business and Management didn't create the only MBA ranking that was ever significant. The shock of exclusion led to the search for a soul in some B-schools, no matter how short. But Temple knew beforehand that the Reputation Department was missing, so it tried to lie to a particularly disreputable ranking in an attempt to get students into its online MBA program, which made a number as a result of the above lies – a ranking.

Still, the current head of the US Department of Education is not inclined to look unkindly at schools that are doing their best to fuck unsuspecting students. And while Betty DeVos can't be sure who will choose Joe Biden to replace her, she's pretty sure that this person doesn't understand things as well as she does. Before she finally returns to Holland, she will make sure nothing worse happens to Temple than paying the price of a dozen online MBAs.

Temple University is paying $ 700,000 to the US Department of Education to settle claims for the business school's misreporting of data to US News and World Report that incorrectly improved its rankings. Under the terms of the settlement, the university does not admit any wrongdoing or liability. When allegations of inaccurate data surfaced, Temple commissioned an outside law firm to conduct a study which found that the inaccurate reporting in some cases was knowledgeable and related to more than the online MBA program.

Temple Pays $ 700,000 to Resolve U.S. Department of Education Claims Over Business School Ranking Scandal [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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