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Britney’s Lawyer Developing Bizarre Cult Following

Greenburg Traurig’s Mathew Rosengart has finally broken the Satan spell that kept Britney Spears laboring under a conservatorship for the seeming benefit of everyone except her. For that, he deserves every bit of professional praise he’s getting.

Meanwhile, there’s this shit.

Biglaw attorney heartthrobs is where we draw the line.

No, never mind, “Rosengod” is where we draw the line.

Hero worshipping lawyers has never really been our thing here. Well, it has been our thing here, but not for a long time. Rosengart, a former David Souter clerk from the judge’s pre-SCOTUS days, is a famed Hollywood lawyer but, not to besmirch his record, it seems as though any lawyer with a modicum of will could’ve obliterated this flimsy conservatorship. We can appreciate what he’s pulled off without veering into idolatry, can’t we?

I guess not…

“He’s very dominant,” Nouri says. “Just the way he speaks, it’s like, ‘Oh yes, Daddy.’ I think that’s why people love him because he is getting the job done and he just has this aura of power.”

Because what Britney needs right now is definitely a daddy figure.

Britney Spears’s Lawyer Mathew Rosengart Has Become ‘Rosengod’ to Fans [LA Magazine]

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