Cyclists should face fines if they break the rules, says leading lawyer

He said: “This is not about a war between drivers and others but to have one law for all – to improve safety for all and create harmonious shared road space.

“While there are many responsible cyclists, there are still too many who ride with little respect for the rules of the road.

“That is why, as someone who has been a road traffic lawyer for 40 years and been immersed in the law for all that time, I felt something was clearly lacking.

“For example, unlike motorists, there is no legal imperative for identification, so anonymity was – and remains – a gift for those who cycle with impunity.”

He said cyclists were 15 times more likely to be killed on British roads than motorists, with 4,000 riders suffering serious life changing injuries each year.

Mr Freeman suggested that by tightening up legislation for all road users cyclists would benefit because it would make their journeys safer.

He also wants to see tighter controls on the use of e-scooters which are becoming increasingly popular on British roads.

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