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Elite Biglaw Agency gives particular bonuses along with the common bonuses

Associates, did you click on it in the hope that a company would beat the Cravath bonus scale? Mitigate your greed – and think of your colleagues on the HR side.

Since the Biglaw Bonus Season began, we've received a number of emails from law firm support agents wondering what their fate might be if the Benjamin's keep raining on employees. After all, it takes an army to run such large law firms, and the battalions of staff behind the scenes also deserve their debt.

After a hugely successful year, despite the ongoing pandemic, one of the country's most prestigious companies concluded that its global support staff – a class defined as corporate and legal services employees who do not participate in its statutory bonus program – was during the COVID times deserved a little more and decided to give them special bonuses of USD 1,500 in addition to the year-end bonuses already paid at the end of the year. (Sources tell us that these bonuses can be up to 20 percent of annual salary for the top performers.)

Congratulations to White & Case for showing their employees a certain appreciation during these difficult times. "I am very proud of the role each of you has played in our success and the way we have faced the challenges of the pandemic," writes Greg Dolan, Chief Operating Officer of White & Case. The company's employees are very satisfied:

It was a very pleasant surprise! And nice to know that our company's support for its employees in the business services area is not just lip service.

Add this to the fact that at White & Case we haven't seen any layoffs or pay cuts this year. This makes it a great place to work for lawyers and non-lawyers alike!

White & Case employee bonuses will be paid out sometime in December. Congratulations to everyone!

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