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F. Lee Bailey, one of the most famous criminal lawyers in US history, died Thursday at the age of 87.

The eldest son of a lawyer, Bendricks Lee Bailey, Told TMZ His father died Thursday morning in Georgia, where he was in hospice.Bailey’s former legal partner, Judge Kenneth J. Fishman of the High Court, also confirmed his death. To The Boston Globe..

The family told TMZ that Bailey’s death was due to old age and had nothing to do with COVID-19.

Boston Globe via Jonathan Wigs / Getty Images

Famous court lawyer F. Lee Bailey died Thursday at the age of 87.

Bailey was known to represent some of the country’s most notorious defendants, including Sam Shepard, Patty Hearst, Albert Desalbo (“Boston Strangler”), and the most famous OJ Simpson.

During Simpson’s attention-grabbing trial, Bailey worked with Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, and Johnnie Cochran to almost certainly convict two violent murders (according to criminal scene evidence presented in court). Helped protect Simpson from.

The defense team’s goal was to prove police prejudice. Bailey succeeded in a dramatic moment in court with Detective Mark Fuhrman of the Los Angeles Police Department. Bailey’s infamous and aggressive cross-examination of Ferman led to the discovery of the history of police officers’ racists and inserted enough suspicions into the jury to secure Simpson’s acquittal.

In a video posted on Twitter Thursday, Simpson lovingly remembered Bailey.

“Lee, he and I were out whenever he frequently came to Las Vegas to speak at seminars on cross-examination of young lawyers. Lee Seung-yuop was about 87 years old, but the boy was full of energy. The lawyer recently completed a book on the infamous trial.

“He was great. He was still smart and sharp. F. Lee Bailey, probably the best lawyer of our generation in our time, but a great person,” continued Simpson. .. “God blesses his family. God blesses you, Lee.”

Bailey’s celebrity trial was in line with his extroverted and confident personality. He flew a private jet to a Hollywood party, hosted his own television show, wrote a best-selling book, and posed on the cover of Time and Newsweek. The press also reported on Bailey in ways to enhance Bailey’s reputation. Shining profile of the New York Times And New Yorker..

Bailey’s legal career eventually collapsed due to legal and financial issues. In 2001, Bailey was banned in Florida due to some count of judicial offenses. Massachusetts also banned him. In 2012, Bailey tried to save his legal career by passing the Maine bar exam, but the state review board refused to admit him.His complaint Dismissed by the Main Supreme CourtBailey argued in a narrow sense that “he minimizes the illegality and seriousness of prohibited illegal activities.”

“You don’t have to suffer the resentment of sitting around the courtroom or waiting for other lawyers to discuss and then get a chance, and you don’t have to prepare for every detail of the trial. I don’t want to risk the jury’s verdict, so find it settled the next day, so I won’t miss those things. ” Bailey told the HuffPost in a 2019 interview..

“On the other hand, I’m often hired as a consultant by lawyers and businesses in court because I think it’s likely to be a trial, and I’m considering their case and the intended approach. I’m having fun, “he continued. “As they say,’I saw one or two things, so I know one or two things.’”

Famous criminal lawyer F. Lee Bailey dies at age 87

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