Florida State Attorney’s Graham Fountain says POLITICO got it wrong

TALLAHASSEE — A reporter for POLITICO Florida claims to have caught Graham Fountain, a local politician turned State Attorney’s Office bigwig, in a series of little white lies.

Fountain, State Attorney Ginger Bowden Madden’s executive director, says the reporter was skulking about the state Capitol cafeteria when he caught pieces of a conversation he wasn’t entitled to be tuning in to, and that he didn’t hear all he says he heard.

The resulting story, penned by reporter Matt Dixon, “isn’t news,” according to Fountain. 

“They turned it around to make it sound like something it wasn’t,” he said. 

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But at least one man intimately familiar with the inner workings of Tallahassee said after reading Dixon’s piece that he wants it known there is no place for dishonesty in the office of the chief prosecutor for Florida’s First Judicial Circuit.

Graham Fountain appears at an event when he was an Okaloosa County commissioner. Fountain says a reporter for POLITICO Florida erred when he wrote a story of how Fountains was offered an appointment to Northwest Florida State College's board of trustees.

Ray Sansom, whose term as state House speaker was cut drastically short by a criminal charge that was later tossed out, views himself as “the victim of a reckless, politically motivated State Attorney” (Leon County’s Willie Meggs) — and can hold up a high stakes acquittal to prove it.

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