Has a particular training trainer in Brevard County abused college students? A lawsuit thinks so.

A Brevard County special education teacher was recently targeted in a lawsuit alleging he taught five students with special needs.

When parents bring their children to school, there is some expectation that their children will be well looked after and cared for. The last thing a lot of parents think about is that one of their children's teachers may have different thoughts. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit alleges that a teacher molested five students with disabilities. The federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against a special education teacher in Brevard County on behalf of five students with various disabilities, including autism.

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According to Aaron Carter Bates, the Orlando-based attorney who represents the students' families, four of the students are nonverbal. He also noted that "the paraprofessionals in the room were the ones who brought the allegations to light." He added, “An entire classroom. For me, you know that, it's just inexcusable. "He said he had seen a lot in all of his years as a lawyer," but not a case where it was a whole class. "

What happened? To start off, the lawsuit was filed just over a week ago, alleging that an "exceptional student education teacher at Ralph Williams Elementary School abused five boys emotionally and physically for weeks in 2019". When asked what happened, one of the parents said, “We knew something was wrong with our son. He could communicate it as best he could, but not something that would ever point us to what we have learned so far. "

Currently the teacher's identity is kept secret as no criminal complaint has been filed. The suit claims the teacher often looked students in the face, "nose to nose, and they would start screaming and yelling at them until they started crying." In addition, the suit claims that the teacher "regularly stepped on their fingers or toes when they weren't directly upright, gave paraprofessional instructions on how to choke students who tried to bite them, and bragged about being a mean teacher to Ralph Williams to be known. "One parent said:

“In the long term, that had a huge impact on him. We had comprehensive therapy and are continuing comprehensive therapy. It's been almost two years now. "

In addition to the teacher, the lawsuit also cites Brevard County schools and the district as defendants for "promoting a culture of irresponsibility".

In addition to filing the lawsuit, parents want the school to make changes, including "more cameras in the classroom, accountability and more awareness so this doesn't happen to other families".


Lawsuit alleges Brevard special education abused 5 students

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