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Invoice Barr ‘Bout To Bug Out, You Betcha

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This weekend, the New York Times reported that Attorney General Bill Barr takes his ball and goes home. Perhaps!

Three sources told reporters that Barr "could announce his departure before the end of the year," possibly because he "concluded that he has completed the work he was planning to do at the Justice Department."

Ah yes. Mission accomplished, job well done, etc. It has nothing to do with Trump's anger that his trusted henchman failed to find evidence of rampant electoral fraud, in addition to his unforgivable slowness in arresting all liberals for the RUSSIA HOAX.

Trump's people have planted a wave of stories suggesting that Trump will fire Barr. The President himself replied, "Ask me about this in a few weeks" when NBC's Kristen Welker asked if he had confidence in the AG.

Yet Barr's allies insist that their old pal "has been weighing his departure since last week and that Mr. Trump has not influenced the attorney general's thinking".

CNN confirmed Barr was watching the exits, but their source was more open. Apparently, the AG is royally pissed that Trump and his esteemed campaign lawyers talked about Barr's incomprehension about their brilliant legal strategy.

Barr "ain't someone who takes bullying and turns the other cheek!" CNN reports, although its source admits that "he didn't make a final decision".

Clever observers will find that, like Trump, regardless of his "final decision", Barr will be out of work in 44 days anyway. But now Fox reports that the AG "will stay as long as the president needs it," i.e. H. January 20th, or until he's fired by a mean tweet, whichever comes first.

All of this makes Barr's report on Hamleting even more absurd. To leave in three or six weeks, that is the question. Whether it is more noble in your head to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous twittering or to defend yourself against a sea of ​​MAGA loons who call for my head and end them.

Of course, it won't end them. With the president openly accusing him of deterioration, Barr now has a target on his back, with anyone believing the Justice Department intentionally ignored evidence of a massive criminal conspiracy to steal the elections.

“You should look at all of this scam. It's not civil. He found it bourgeois, "Trump told NBC. "That is not civil. This is criminal stuff. This is very bad, criminal stuff. “And wherever Trump's verbal diarrhea goes, the Wingnutosphere will follow.

“He's either a liar or a fool or both. He could be – maybe compromised – "said Lou Dobbs of Fox from AG last week.

"Bill Barr's job was to block for the Deep State, so the Durham trick was pretty smart," croaked Roger Stone, who personally benefited from Barr's direct interference in his case. "Mister. It took Durham three years to produce nothing when he has overwhelming evidence of treason and crime." Of course, Roger Stone also believes that Kim Jong Un is a boat full of fraudulent ballots on the famous Pyongyang-Bangor route to Maine So look at the source.

There is also whatever that is.

Guess Bill Barr is struck off Judge Jeanine's Christmas card list. Sad!

Lie down with dogs …

Barr told to weigh up whether to leave before Trump's term ends (NYT)

Elizabeth Dye (@ 5DollarFeminist) lives in Baltimore, where she writes about law and politics.

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