Legal Law

Morning doc: three/12/20

The Ohio Supreme Court said "an attorney's pants were charred by lying" and locked the attorney out for alleged attorney practice during suspension and other misconduct. It's quite a "fire" … [Columbus Dispatch]

* A new lawsuit alleges that a well-known Los Angeles attorney stole from clients to fund “a public image of obscene wealth” for himself and his wife, singer and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne. [Los Angeles times]

* Ivanka Trump was dismissed Tuesday on a lawsuit for misusing funds earmarked for Trump's inauguration. [CNN]

* A 37-year-old attorney was confirmed as a federal judge in Mississippi. [Jackson Free Press]

* Joe Exotic's attorney claims the former zookeeper is on the verge of receiving a presidential pardon. Maybe President Trump wants another season of Tiger King … [Business Insider]

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