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NYT requested Jenna Ellis & # 39; colleagues about their authorized choices. She was skinned.

Jenna Ellis makes an impression. Just usually not very well.

Whether the Trump campaign legal advisor is standing next to a leaky Rudy Giuliani bragging about the elite strike force that is about to topple the election, or CNN threatening to publish allegedly defamatory polls or telling Attorney General Bill Barr WHAT EVIDENCE IS that People remember the self-described constitutional attorney.

When the New York Times searched for a juicy edition on Doctor Jenna Ellis, JD Esquire, they found plenty.

"I think it's amazing she got to that point," Colorado attorney Stephanie Stout told The Times after working on a case with the president's attorney. "She just didn't have the legal chops."

Craig Silverman, another Colorado attorney, described her as a "poor attorney".

"When I saw 'Senior Legal Adviser' it was like 'Wow'," said Silverman. "To have a title like this, nobody knew she was that kind of lawyer."

Because, in fact, she wasn't "that kind of lawyer." Her first legal practice was as a district attorney in rural Weld County, Colorado. Afterwards she worked in private practice as a tenant and immigrant for a few years. All of these are perfectly honorable ways to make a living, but it has nothing to do with constitutional law or complex electoral disputes.

While Ellis insisted in a written statement to the Times that she was "a highly skilled and highly qualified attorney and expert in my field," that qualification appears to have been earned at the prestigious University of Forgery by the time you make it and not in an actual courtroom.

This is what happened when the Times asked the Trump campaign about Ellis' experience of federal and / or electoral disputes.

The Trump campaign provided the name of a federal case in which Ms. Ellis took part in 2012 after she had not graduated from law school for a year. However, her name is not among the lawyers listed in the decision and the case was tried in an administrative court rather than an ordinary federal court.

In 2015, just four years after graduating from law school, she herself published a book that deciphered the decline in American morality following Obergefell's decision to legalize gay marriage. At the same time, she became a visiting lecturer at Colorado Christian University, teaching law students and advising the moot court team. And so Jenna Ellis "Professor of Constitutional Law" was born.

In 2018, Ellis moved to the Dobson Policy Institute, part of the evangelical focus on family organization, where she passed home truths to calm the soul of the nation. Like saying that gay and bisexual men are more likely to have HIV because "we cannot escape God's moral law and supremacy". And calling New York's Stonewall Inn a "National Monument to Our Open Embrace and Celebration of Sin".

This gross homophobia only served to improve their standing in the conservative firmament. Soon she was writing columns for the Washington Examiner and making hits on Fox News. So she became aware of Trump in 2018 and worked for the campaign the following year.

It's a life all right. However, it's not exactly preparation for handling complex litigation in multiple federal and state courts. This could help explain the spectacular failure of the Trump campaign in every court in the country. Marc Elias is not her.

But the best defense is a good insult, that's Jenna Ellis' motto. Apparently.

Nor did NYT disclose that the two former coworkers are two of the loudest Trump-hating lawyers in Colorado (one is an extremely liberal Democratic feminist and the other is a podcast host who loves his radio show and most of his audience because of his Hatred of has lost trump). Dishonesty.

– Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) December 3, 2020

Note that she does not deny any particular statement in Jeremy W. Peters and Alan Feuers articles. But she attacks her former colleagues and the "fake news media". Because Jenna Ellis is an unqualified hack, but as a mean girl, she's unbeatable.

How is Trump's attorney Jenna Ellis "Elite Strike Force" material? (NYT)

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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