Ontario resident brings “Sunnee” service to Richland County

MANSFIELD ─ Sunnee Ball is the person who brings energy to a room ─ with her smiling face.

She talks fast. But you would have a clear sense of her passion. She said she loves to help people. And that is why she recently started the business, SunneeShyne Legal Support Services LLC.

Ball said she has provided attorneys with her services in various ways. She delivers documents for them to courthouses in different counties. They send Ball to get signatures when clients can’t make it to the office. Also, when a client has no reliable transportation to get to an attorney’s appointment, she will give them a ride.

Ball said she offers the services 24 hours a day. She recently became a legal process server who serves legal documents for law enforcement, attorneys, courthouses and companies. She is a mobile notary as well. She said she can notarize a signed document and bring it back to an attorney’s office, keeping a case going.

John Rinehardt, owner and attorney for Rinehardt Injury Attorneys, has been working with Ball and said she has been a nice resource for the law firm.

“Her name matches her personality. She’s just an outgoing, very sincere, authentic and really kind of a happy person,” Rinehardt said.

His law firm mostly handles car accident injury cases and has to track down witnesses to know what they have seen. Ball has been tasked with reaching out to those people. She seems to get along with everyone, Rinehardt said, which helps the work.

Rinehardt said sometimes people are hesitant to get involved in a case. But Ball can often break down those barriers with her personality, make the witnesses listen to her and complete the task.

Ball said her works for attorneys helps a case moves along smoothly. Being a process server means she can assist both parties, even the defendants.

“I want to be a process server who makes sure that they (defendants) get the document, so nothing creeps up on them later because they didn’t show up (at the court),” she said.

This job allows her to work in the legal field and learn more about criminal justice, Ball said. She originally wanted to go to law school and be an attorney.

The dream never came true. Instead, the Ontario resident stays in Ohio. After previous marriages, she has raised five children on her own. Two of them are still in middle school.  

Ball said she worked as a specimen processor at a lab and an office manager of a financial service company. When the office closed a few years ago, she wanted to have a job with a flexible schedule to take care of her younger sons.

She once worked part-time for an ophthalmologist. She ran errands for people. She has been a driver or deliverer for Lyft, Instacart, Shipt, DoorDash and Grubhub.

Ball said she would turn in those applications during the day and sometimes keep Lyft on until early morning. When about to finish one delivery or shopping, she started to look for another one.

“I’m a mother hustler,” she said.

Having no others to turn to, sometimes it was challenging for Ball. There was a time when she only had limited income so the family ate a lot of macaroni and cheese or hot dogs. Years ago, she once could not afford a new bed for herself. She would crawl into the elder children’s beds after they went to school, waiting until it was time to send her younger ones out.

She insists on driving the children to school every day. Ball said the 10-minute drive is the best time to have a conversation with her loved ones. They are the reasons for her to stay positive and be strong through the years.

“I want them to be proud of me,” she said. “I want them to see that no matter what, because of them, I’m still here. I’m still striving and I’m still going to be successful.”

She is determined to make the legal support business work. Ball said it creates an opportunity for her to be herself and support people who need her. She will not miss her children’s ball games because of work, she said.

While challenges are still in her life, Ball said she will not give up. She is trying to build a thriving future.

Sunnee Ball can be reached at 567-307-2360 or with questions and reservations for her services.

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