Prosecutor Won’t Charge Cuomo Over Trooper’s Sexual Harassment Claim

The trooper told investigators that Mr. Cuomo had begun to flirt with her shortly after they first met. He later spoke with senior members of his security staff about having her join his protective detail, a coveted assignment. She was subsequently transferred to the detail even though she lacked the experience typically required for such a position, investigators found.

She told investigators that on the day at Belmont Park, in Elmont, N.Y., Mr. Cuomo had run the palm of his left hand across her stomach and that when his hand reached her navel, she pushed it back toward her right hip, where her gun was holstered.

“I felt, like, completely violated because to me, like, that’s between my chest and my privates, which, you know, if he was a little bit north or a little bit south, it’s not good,” she told investigators.

A senior State Police investigator “fully corroborated” the female trooper’s account of the episode, according to the attorney general’s report. He told investigators that he had asked the trooper whether she wanted to take any action and that she had declined for fear of retribution.

The female trooper told the attorney general’s investigators that Mr. Cuomo had acted inappropriately toward her on other occasions, including once suggesting that she go “upstairs” with him for a private tour of the Executive Mansion.

His behavior “came off as creepy,” she said.

Ms. Smith, the Nassau County prosecutor, said in her statement that it was “important to note that our investigation was limited to alleged conduct” at Belmont and that “prosecutors in other jurisdictions continue to review other allegations of misconduct by Mr. Cuomo.”

One of those jurisdictions is Albany County, where Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat who was in his third term when he resigned, is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 7 on a criminal complaint charging him with a misdemeanor sex crime.

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