Scoop: West Wing fears COVID will unfold after Trump attorney Jenna Ellis attended WH get together – Axios

President Trump's attorney Jenna Ellis has informed employees that she has tested positive for the coronavirus, Multiple sources tell Axios what sparked fears in the west wing after she attended a Christmas party for senior executives on Friday.

Driving messages: There are concerns about the potential for another Superspreader event at the White House, although it was unclear whether Ellis posed a risk in attending them. Ellis declined to confirm the diagnosis to Axios.

"People brought their families with them," said a senior White House official who attended the party and has since been briefed on Ellis' diagnosis. The reveal follows Sunday's news that Ellis & # 39; legal buddy Rudy Giuliani was hospitalized after positive tests.

Behind the scenes: Ellis appeared as a guest of Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro on Friday at the White House officers' party in the east wing and was not seen wearing a mask, according to sources attending the indoor event.

"She had the courage to show up at the senior executives' Christmas party because she knew everyone was mad at her for constantly beating Trump up with nonsense," said a senior administrative official. Ellis and Giuliani have fueled conspiracy theories about Trump's loss to Joe Biden trying to keep legal challenges or ways alive to distort the election results. The officer said the news of her diagnosis after visiting the party increased that anger.

The bottom line: When I gave Ellis a look at my coverage Monday night – that she tested positive and that some executives weren't happy – she replied that it was "rude" to text her after midnight and added, "You have to be better informed than me because I haven't heard that. "

Three senior White House officials told Axios they had been informed of Ellis' diagnosis. I then repeatedly asked Ellis if she wanted to decline our report that she had COVID and informed the White House of that fact. Ellis didn't answer. Navarro did not respond to a request for comment.

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