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Sidney Powell Gives Dumpster Fire Interview Defending Lawyers’ Right To ‘Occasionally Misrepresent Things’


Why is Sidney Powell still talking? The infamous Kraken lawyer is facing a $1.3 billion defamation suit from Dominion Voting Systems, a $2.7 billion claim from its competitor Smartmatic, and she just got benchslapped by a federal judge in Michigan and referred to the State Bar of Texas for possible suspension or disbarment.

And yet she still sat down with Australian ABC reporter Sarah Ferguson to repeat those debunked allegations about the companies suing her while simultaneously confirming that she did exactly zero homework to factcheck her claims.

“Let’s get a few simple facts straight,” Ferguson began. “In how many states were Smartmatic machines and software used in the 2020 election?”

“I don’t even know the exact numbers,” Powell replied, adding that “The focus was on the six key swing states, places where voting had stopped being counted the night of the election.”

Ferguson pointed out that a simple Google search would show that Smartmatic’s machines were only used in Los Angeles County, i.e. not in any of the states blessed with one of Powell’s garbage election lawsuits. But the attorney was not deterred, insisting that “I know that Smartmatic and Dominion were essentially inextricably intertwined and had done business together for a long time.”


How does she know it? Well, she just does, okay? The same way she knows that Smartmatic owns Dominion and Smartmatic’s “DNA” is in all Dominion machines.


“What actual research or factchecking did you do at the time to find out what Smartmatic’s actual involvement in the election was?” Ferguson pressed.

“Do you work for Smartmatic?” Powell demanded before breaking off the interview, the first judicious thing she’d done all day.

And then … she came back. Because shutting the hell up is not in her DNA.

Asked if she anticipates being suspended from the practice of law like Rudy Giuliani, Powell insisted that “the standard that they held him to there is absolutely preposterous.”

“Lawyers get things wrong. Lawyers occasionally misrepresent things,” she scoffed. Which is perhaps an odd choice of words for a person accused of engaging in a campaign of misrepresentation which damaged two companies.

The interview ended with Powell promising to provide evidence for all her claims … eventually.

“You’ll see it in court,” she promised, seemingly unaware that we’ve seen her in court for close to a year now, and the sum effect of her “evidence” was a scathing sanctions order excoriating her for spamming the docket with facially nonsensical affidavits and unqualified expert witnesses.

It was a shitshow, and one which will undoubtedly make its way into Dominion and Smartmatic’s next filings — once Thomas Clare and Erik Connolly pick their jaws up off the floor.

But Politico reports that there is some good news in Krakenland, where Powell just purchased a building in Alexandria, Virginia. The $1.2 million property, for which she paid cash, will house a law office with 6-7 staff.

Hey, remember when US District Judge Linda Parker was “troubled that Powell is profiting from the filing of this and other frivolous election-challenge lawsuits” because she was able to raise so much cash off them that sanctions imposed here will not deter counsel from pursuing future baseless lawsuits because those sanctions will be paid with donor funds rather than counsel’s?”

And while we’re firing up the wayback machine, we are old enough to remember when Powell insisted that she could not possibly be sued by Dominion in DC because all her business was in Texas. Because we are five months old.


Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore where she writes about law and politics.

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