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The 2021 Litigation Finance Survey Report

Since 2017, in partnership with our friends at Lake Whillans, we have conducted an annual survey of the litigation finance landscape. Over the course of these five years, our findings have mapped a trajectory of ever-increasing awareness and acceptance of the practice of third-party litigation funding.

This year, two-thirds (65.7%) of our respondents indicated that they have firsthand experience working with a litigation finance firm. While this represents a slight decline from last year’s 69.8%, it indicates that the gains in reported experience were not a temporary spike. Levels of firsthand experience with third-party funding among our respondents are up more than 20 percentage points since we began fielding our survey. A look at this metric since the inception of this survey:

This year’s findings — our first since the onset of the global pandemic — buttress this growth narrative and demonstrate that claim monetization, financing of claimholders, and capital for law firms are powerful solutions for the challenges faced by companies as they creatively adapt to this “Next Normal.”

Check out the full report on our survey findings here.

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