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"I've been an adult volunteer with the organization in one capacity or another. If I had to pick a few things to really highlight what the Scouts taught me, I think it gave me good communication and interpersonal skills," he said, noting that he was developing leadership skills too.

"My dad is also an Eagle Scout," he said, noting that camping and hiking often became a big family affair.

“For a long time my mother taught the badge of merit for swimming, first aid and similar things with her background in Orangeburg. We were all together in the Scouting Honor Society and we are very committed and have stuck with it. That's just another way my family has overlapped with everything else, ”said Hutto.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University and later the Masons School of Law at Indiana University.

“I majored in Religious Studies, English, and History, and a minor in corporate strategy, which is basically business. I can talk about Vanderbilt forever. I still do interviews for her. I'm doing some of their admissions interviews for the Orangeburg and Columbia areas.

“That's how I get to know a lot of young people who are motivated and really looking forward to college. I tell everyone I don't know what their options are, but this was certainly a great place for me to go to college. I grew a lot there and learned a lot, ”said Hutto.

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