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If you believe that the other party’s actions were malicious or extremely negligent, you can also sue for punitive damages.

Personal injuries can happen when you least expect them, creating strain on your personal finances and making life difficult. After you have been injured, you can seek compensation for the damages you endured. Damages can include medical costs, burial and funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and income loss. You can speak with your personal injury attorney to discover which damages you are eligible for. 

Damages You Can Sue For in a Personal Injury Claim

Most personal injury cases typically include high medical bills and pain and suffering, but there are additional burdens you may want to include. According to law firm Wattel & York, you’ll most likely settle outside of court, but you can still file a lawsuit if no settlement is made. 

Medical Costs

When you file for your personal injury claim, you will have to include not only past medical bills but future ongoing costs. For example, imaging scans, medical tests, frequent medical treatments, and other bills can pile up over time. You may have to take prescription medicine, get physical therapy, and undergo surgery, in addition to other clinical visits. Your attorney can estimate the future costs of continuing your medical treatment and include that in your damages. 

Wage Loss

After getting injured, you may experience income loss. This is because your wounds may temporarily disable you, preventing you from working full-time. Therefore, your loss of wages may occur for an extended period. This can also be included in your compensation. 

Pain and Suffering

When you were hurt in an accident, it doesn’t only stop at financial trouble. You can also experience severe physical pain. Also, you may feel anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, and other forms of sadness. Your pain and suffering can be calculated based on the traditional methods your lawyer will use, as a large portion of your settlement is based upon the pain and suffering you experienced. 

Funeral Expenses

Excessive Work Hours Lead to Significant Health Problems, Death
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If your loved one passed away after a wrongful death, not only do you include the funeral and burial costs in your damages but also an additional list of items. The pain and suffering of your loved one can be included, as described by you and other survivors. You can also include medical bills and other damages the victim had before passing away. Other items calculated into the settlement are the loss of valuable services, their income, their state of health, their education and certification, and their earning capacity. If the victim had dependents, their life situations and their age are taken into consideration. The loss of consortium, loss of guardianship, loss of mentorship, and other things of value that are gone because of the victim’s death is also included in the damages. 

Punitive Damages

If you believe that the other party’s actions were malicious or extremely negligent, you can also sue for punitive damages. This is when the others intentionally harmed you, were doing something illegal, or their actions were so ridiculous that the accident could have been easily avoided. Punitive damages are highly rewarded with compensation as a form of legal punishment. 

Find Out What Damages Are Eligible for Compensation 

When you have additional questions, you can seek the help of a reliable law firm. They can provide guidance on what damages you can expect. 

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