What legal experts have to say on Assam-Mizoram border dispute

New Delhi: The long-standing border dispute between Assam and Mizoram can be resolved either by the Supreme Court or the Centre, legal experts said on Tuesday while observing that the violent border conflict between the two was the ugliest manifestation of the insurrection.

One of the experts called the brewing border dispute as a failure of the Constitutional machinery.

At least five Assam Police personnel were killed on Monday while defending the “constitutional boundary” of the state with Mizoram and more than 60 people injured, including an SP, in a sudden escalation of the border dispute, officials said.

While senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi and Assam’s standing counsel Debojit Borkakati said the Centre should intervene and take steps for a peaceful settlement, another senior lawyer Dushyant Dave was of the view that both the states should be put under the President’s Rule.

Dave said there was a failure of the Constitutional machinery in both the states and the violent incident is the ugliest manifestation of the insurrection between the states since India’s Independence.

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